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The daily rental price is set at 110 euro / day during the low season (from January to June and September to December) and at 135 euro/day during the high season (July and August). All prices displayed are inclusive of 21% VAT. 

The rental deposit is set at 1250 euro. 

During the lower season, an extra service fee of 45 euro is charged when a rental period is one, two or three days . From the 4th day onwards, the service fee is no longer applicable. 

A standard reduction of 5% is granted during the high season for a rental period of three weeks.  From the 4th week onwards the standard reduction is 10%. 

During the high season of July and August each rental period starts and ends on a Saturday.  Pick-up is possible from 2pm onwards and vans need to be returned before 9am on the Saturday.  If the car is returned after 9am, a day's rent is charged.

During the low season, the pick-up and drop-off moments are arranged in mutual consultation between Natural Nomads and the client. 

A fixed mileage of 250 km is included in the rental price of a single day. Every km above the 250 km mark is charged at 0.25 euro / km.

The payment is made according to the following steps:

The deposit can be transferred to the account of Natural Nomads together with the remainder of the total fee, or handed in cash to Natural Nomads at the time of pick-up. The deposit is reimbursed in full when the car is returned damage-free. In case of damage, the damage is estimated within 14 days. After the damage assessment, the remainder of the deposit is reimbursed to the client.

When failing to complete the different steps in the payment process of the rental on time, the booking will be canceled, without the right to a refund of advances already paid.

The advances paid are definitively acquired by the lessor. Termination of the rental agreement by the tenant does not give rise to a refund. However, it is possible to take out a cancellation insurance for 5.75% of the rental amount.

Obligations of the lessor

Natural Nomads undertakes to make a cleaned vehicle available to the client in good technical condition.

The vehicle has a filled water tank, gas bottle and fuel tank. The vehicle comes with two camping chairs, a camping table and camping cooking equipment with among other plates, mugs, glasses and cutlery. 

At the day of departure, Natural Nomads provides the client with a clear and lengthy explanation of the vehicle, highlighting the unique features of the camper van, and discussing the contrast to a passenger car.  

When in doubt about the use and technicalities of a Natural Nomads vehicle, the client is free to contact Natural Nomads for information at +32 491 86 14 37. If not urgent, preferably by SMS or WhatsApp (if possible with a illustrative picture). 

The vehicle is insured for civil liability, personal damage and theft with an exemption of €1250 per claim. In the event of multiple (separate) claims.

Client obligations

The client shall treat and maintain the vehicle with due care and use only on public roads and public locations within the countries indicated on the insurance card. The vehicle will not be used 'off road', for competition purposes, or for re-rental.The manufacturer's instructions must be observed at all times.

It is permitted to connect 12v accessories to the connections provided for this purpose, it is not permitted to make changes to the technical installation of the vehicle yourself.

The client will only refuel with diesel intended for road transport (B7 or B10, EN590), if necessary the lessee will also refuel with AdBlue, only purchased in closed containers at filling stations. The costs of this AdBlue may be deducted from the rental cost by the hirer.

The client will only refill the water tank of the motorhome with drinking water, and will not contaminate it with any product without the consent of Natural Nomads.

If the vehicle indicates that fluid needs to be topped up in the engine compartment, the client will do so with a quality as described in the manual supplied with the vehicle. In case of doubt or insufficient experience, it is no problem to contact Natural Nomads or to call up travel assistance.

The client will respect the applicable traffic rules, and is personally responsible for the (traffic) violations committed during the rental period, even after the refund of the deposit, he remains liable for violations committed.

Only the client and his passengers with a valid driving license cat. B are allowed to drive the vehicle. For drivers under the age of 23, an additional exemption of €350 applies.

The client will immediately report any defect, accident, damage and reports from the on-board computer to Natural Nomads and the assistance insurer. For reports that are indicated by a red warning light, he will park the vehicle safely as soon as possible and will not drive any further until a diagnosis has been made.

The client is obliged to limit consequential damage after an accident or breakdown as much as possible. In the event of an accident, he will correctly fill out the European accident form. In case of doubt, he will always call the local police services to make the necessary determinations.Smoking is not allowed in the vehicle.

Transporting prohibited and/or dangerous substances is expressly prohibited.

If the vehicle is confiscated due to violation of these conditions or non-compliance with local law, the rental of the vehicle will continue as long as the vehicle is not returned.

Returning the vehicle

The client will return the vehicle at the time stipulated in the agreement in a 'normal' clean condition, both inside and out.The fuel tank must be completely filled, all water tanks emptied. 

The vehicle must be cleared of all waste and personal belongings of the renter.

Cooking gas, AdBlue and cleaning products do not need to be topped up.

The following rates apply if the conditions are not met. Subsequent costs are subtracted from the rental deposit. 

Updated: 01/04/2023

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